Enjoy every day in green. The residential area meets all the needs and requirements of modern age. Outstanding investment opportunity with high value of money offer starting with studio apartments up to 4 bed apartments. 72 high quality apartments located in the building with an excellent location in the heart of Budapest. The main building of the residential park faces the City Park and its green parks.

During the planning process, we took into consideration the needs of the prospective residents and made homes where both the bustle of urban life and the harmony of green areas prevail. The design of the building was inspired by the history and mood of the surrounding streets and residences. The condominium conveys the atmosphere of the glamorous surroundings, while enriching the homes of prospective residents with modern materials and spacious spaces.

The main building of the residential park faces the City park and the green area. It is divided into an A and B building with two separate staircases and a common underground garage, which provides comfortable parking spaces for the residents. In building A on four floors, partly large apartments are planned with 3-4 rooms, while in the building B medium size apartments with 2-3 rooms. Additionally, to the garage, each apartment has a bicycle storage facility in the underground level, which makes the storage and the everyday life in the city easier.

On the upper floors of the main building are luxury apartments, which are facing the park or the green garden. The prospective residents can choose from different sizes of apartments. Each apartment has a special enchantment, such as an exclusive gallery or a terrace from which you can see the beautiful green environment.
The complex also has a second building, with an own staircase, which is marked as the building C. In this building are mostly smaller apartments with one or two bedrooms planned.